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Shopping & Days Outs

Peterborough Taxi offers a shopping and days out taxi service. This service is very popular with our elderly customers and mums giving you great freedom whether you have a car or not. The freedom of going shopping any time and not have to worry about where to park. Or just to take some "me time" and go with your friends visiting different places. Why not enjoy a day out shopping in Cambridge, Nottingham or Leicester, have lunch in Stamford or visit any place that you would like to explore.

With Peterborough Taxi great value prices sharing your fare cost with your friends will often be cheaper than taking a train, not to mention that we will come to pick you up, drive you to your destination and pick you up again to drive you back home.

Peterborough Taxi shopping and days /nights out taxi service are available 24/7 giving you an option to enjoy our taxi service any time, weekends, Sundays and bank holidays.

With Peterborough Taxi Booking and Dispatch system, you can book a taxi easily at any time by calling 01733 704 444 // 01733 706 666, online or by using our booking app. Peterborough Taxi booking application can be easily installed on your phone so you can book a taxi within seconds whenever you need a taxi.

At Peterborough Taxi bookings and payment’s are so easy to make, we accept all major credit cards and we offer you a number of different ways to pay, by pre-paid credit, or in a taxi by card or cash.